Today, physical security is more prevalent and affordable than ever.    Specializing in video transport products, EDGE has the solutions to keep your valuables secure.  With connectivity products for IP Video, CCTV systems, Access Control, high speed Ethernet, or legacy data connectivity, we can keep you connected under the most demanding environments.  Supporting both new and retrofit applications, EDGE has the products you need to future-proof your network.


Whether you are still supporting traditional analog cameras or have migrated to an IP based system, EDGE NETWORKS has the products you need to connect your cameras efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively.


Monitoring who goes where and when is a key aspect of your security system.  When your system exceeds the capacity of the access control system, EDGE is here to help extend your control over long distances with products that support all control system formats and adds additional IO for tamper/call detection or remote door/gate controls.


New projects require equipment that will stand the test of time.  Utilizing EDGE products will ensure that your security will be there when you need it.  With fiber optic support that can easily handle the ever-increasing need for additional bandwidth, coupled with EDGE product reliability, your design will be future-proof for years to come.


Not all projects have the luxury of specifying the transport medium.  Although fiber optics is the preferred method for high speed connectivity, sometimes it’s just not available and the cost of adding it is neither practical nor profitable.  If all you have to work with is twisted pair, or coax EDGE NETWORKS has a solution for you.  Our Ethernet Extender product line has the ability to run Ethernet over COAX and long distance UTP at distances up to 1 mile.