Our Story

Founded in 2019, EDGE NETWORKS was created to address the need for high quality, reliable and rugged, USA based communications equipment that can provide connectivity out to the harsh environments found at the edge of security, ITS, Industrial Automation, or Governmental networks.

With over 20 years of technical and sales experience in the industry, Edge Networks is positioned to provide dependable, easy to install products, that will keep your network up and running.

Our Office

412 Brandam Lane

Suite 103

Charleston, South Carolina 29492

Office: (843) 654-9266

FAX: (843) 654-9267

Email: sales@edge-networks.us

Email: techsupport@edge-networks.us

Email: customerservice@edge-networks.us

Contact us

412 Brandam Lane, Charleston, SC

phone: (843) 654-9266

FAX: (843) 654-9267

Meet the Team


Chris Costa

Chris  has been designing products for the security industry since 1996. Leading the engineering groups of Fiber Options, GE Security, Radiant Communications, and Comnet, his award winning designs are currently in use all over the world. With indepth knowledge of Fiber Optics and Ethernet technologies, he acts as both President and CTO.

Vice President Sales

Steve Carrozzo

Steve  started in the security industry in 1983 with Vicon Industries. In 2004, he joined GE Security's IFS as Sales Leader. A few years later, he built the Comnet Sales team as Vice President of Sales forming many partnerships, distribution channels, and worldwide OEM agreements.